Spring NewsLetter:

Florida Chapter Member Receives AMWA’s Highest Honor

 Former AMWA President Brian Bass at AMWA Board of Director's Meeting (2014)

Former AMWA President Brian Bass at AMWA Board of Director's Meeting (2014)

Our Florida Chapter has reason to celebrate! One of our members has been chosen to receive AMWA’s highest honor—the Harold Swanberg Distinguished Service Award. Brian Bass, MWC, who moved to Florida in 2016, is this year’s recipient of the Swanberg Award, and he will receive the award at the 2017 Medical Writing & Communication Conference, to be held November 1-4, in our own state!

The Swanberg Award, named in honor of the physician who founded AMWA, is presented to a member of AMWA who has made distinguished contributions to medical communication or rendered unusual and distinguished services to the medical profession. 

Since Brian began working in the field of medical communication in the late 1980s, he has made exceptional contributions to AMWA as well as to our profession overall. The Swanberg Nominating Committee notes that Brian’s AMWA profile lists 110 AMWA activities—certainly an impressive profile! Among those activities are developing and teaching credit workshops, leading open sessions, presenting webinars, writing for the Freelance Forum in the AMWA Journal, and serving as a chapter leader (in his former Delaware Valley Chapter) and on the national Executive Committee, including as AMWA President in 2013-2014. Brian currently chairs the Communications Committee, which is charged with promoting AMWA programs and services, and is a member of the Certification Commission.


Outside of AMWA, Brian has spent many years helping medical communicators begin and advance their careers. He writes frequently about medical communication and freelancing, including The Accidental Medical Writer, a book he coauthored with Cyndy Kryder, The Org Directories (a comprehensive guide to 439 medical specialty societies), and Pencil Points, a free monthly newsletter. These resources and more are available through the Accidental Medical Writer website (www.theaccidentalmedicalwriter.com).

On top of all of these accomplishments, Brian is just a great guy. He is a consummate professional who is generous with his time and expertise and who is committed to AMWA and the profession of medical communication. His energy and passion for medical communication is an inspiration to all who know him.

We are honored to count Brian as a chapter member! Join us as we celebrate his award at the Medical Writing & Communication Conference in Orlando. You don’t have to travel far for this conference, so there’s no excuse to miss it! 

-Lori Alexander