AMWA Florida Regional Event
Second Annual Networking and Educational event

Whether we realize it or not, we are exposed to video at every moment of every day: In our homes, on our televisions, in our offices, on our computers, in our spare time, on our cell phones and portable devices, and on our social media accounts. Video is how the world communicates today, and we are continually feeling the impact of video.

The movement toward using video as a communication tool in professional settings, and in particular, medicine, became a hot topic of discussion at one of our First Thursday gatherings a few months ago. Our group talked about the new video resume trend and how it could impact our presence on social media sites, such as LinkedIn. As we dove deeper into the subject, we learned about the types of professionals who are beginning to harness the power of video, and the effect it is having on their businesses and careers. We also decided that the time was right for us to explore the idea of bringing film and video to our world—the world of medical writing.


With this thought in mind and a new spring of enthusiasm in his step, Larry Lynam decided that he was going to take the plunge and add video impact to his online presence. So, Melory Johnson put Larry in touch with her friend and colleague, John Sturdy. John is the Owner and Director of Photography at the Sturdy Group, LLC. John’s career spans over 27 years as a director of photography in the film and television industries. He has shot award-winning content for worldwide outlets that include the Discovery Channel and BBC. John has run a successful production company in South Florida for more than a decade and collaborates with Melory on medical video projects, like problem-based and virtual patient (VP) learning. The result was that together, Melory, John, and Larry created a short but impactful video to promote Larry’s medical and science freelance writing business and impact his presence online.

At our September AGM and Lunch & Learn, Larry, Melory, and John will:

1. Describe the promotional video trend (why would I want a self-promoting video?)

2. Explore the influence video can have on your social media profile (I have a LinkedIn profile, why would I want a video too?)

3. Explain how to create a meaningful message with the appropriate verbiage for a self promoting video (what on earth would I say about myself on a video, anyway?)

4. Unveil Larry’s video! (Woohoo!) And take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the making of the video, so you can see what it took to create a promotional video for The Lynam Group, LLC.

Together, we have created a “blueprint” that we want to share with you at our annual regional networking event, so you too can add video to impact your business!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

12 – 4 PM

Seasons 52

2300 NW Executive Center Drive

Boca Raton, FL 33431