Accomplished Chapter Members


Presenters at the 2016 Annual Conference


Marijke Adams, PharmD, PhD, President, MH Adams & Associates, Inc., Davie, FL 

Co-Leader, Workshop: Summarizing Clinical Safety Data for an NDA 


Lori Alexander, MTPW, ELS, MWC™, President, Editorial Rx, Inc., North Ft Myers, FL

Leader, Session: Targeting Lay Audiences

Leader, Session: Best Practices in Writing Test Items


Fabiana Ebihara, Senior Manager, Medical Writing Services, PAREXEL International, Orlando, FL

Leader, Roundtable Discussion: First-Time Quality: Writing a High-Quality Document


Patti Peeples, RPh, PhD, CEO and Principal Researcher, HealthEconomics.Com, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Co-Leader, Session: The Future of Print Medical Journals:  Strategies for Medical Writers to Lead and Stay Relevant in a Changing Publication Arena 

Leaders at the National Level (Current and Past)


Marijke Adams, PharmD, PhD, Workshop leader 

Lori Alexander, MTPW, ELS, MWC™, 2015-2016 President-elect; 2016-2017 President; Editor Emeritus, AMWA Journal; workshop leader

Brian Bass, MWC™, 2013-2014 President; workshop leader

Miriam Dorisca, Communications and Marketing Committee member

Anne Dubois, APR, Certification Commission Exam Development Committee member

Melory Johnson, Communications and Marketing Committee member

Evelyn Kelly, PhD, Workshop leader, Annual Conference session leader

Larry Lyman, Annual Conference Committee; Annual Conference session leader

Donna Miceli, Past Executive Committee member; Annual Conference session leader

Melanie Fridl Ross, MSJ, ELS, 2010-2011 President; workshop leader

Jingle Thomas, Communications and Marketing Committee member

Deborah Whippen, Past Executive Committee member 

Vicki White, AMWA Journal Editor

AMWA Fellows


Lori Alexander, MTPW, ELS, MWC™ (2010)

Brian Bass, MWC™ (2001)

Maryalice Ditzler (2011)

Donna Miceli (2007)

Melanie Fridl Ross, MSJ, ELS (2008)

Deborah Whippen (2014)

Victoria White (2010)